Coasties Thriving Together


Action Plan


  • Our top interest is providing a safe, secure, and trusted site to communicate about a charged topic – sexual assault and sexual harassment. Therefore, our intention is to expand access to this site in phases, monitoring our success along the way.
  • Phase 1 will consist of Coast Guard Academy women and men survivors and those previously identified friends.
  • As we monitor and assess the success of Phase 1, we will begin opening the site to others in the Coast Guard. The Team’s ultimate goal is to make this site available to all Coast Guard women and men, officers and enlisted.


Open actions in Phase 1 to current and former members of the Coast Guard.


Review standing minutes, reports, and other relevant documents. Conduct interviews as appropriate. Identify gaps in data, policy, resources, and inequities. Provide recommendations to interested parties.


Work to document the historical implications and lessons learned from what is discovered during the effort. With consent, provide oral or written histories to be included in scholarly academic research efforts. Non-attributional statements and other important historical documents are preserved so to not lose all aspects of the important historic nature of this time in Coast Guard History.

The Department of Homeland Security nor the U. S. Coast Guard does not approve or endorse this effort, its products or services. The appearance of U.S. Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Coast Guard visual information does not imply or constitute DHS or USCG endorsement.