COPE° Working group on Psychological Safety, Bullying and Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Maritime Sector

The COPE° working group on Psychological Safety, Bullying and Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the Maritime Sector was created in 2022 to address this major issue within the maritime sector. The group consists of people from all over the world, bringing together a wide variety of perspectives and experiences, yet with one common goal: to make a difference.

By ensuring that all participants are able to use their voices and be heard, the working group’s collaborative and inclusive approach to problem solving has proven to be effective.

The working group is committed to influence change in the maritime sector, driven by ethical and humanitarian values.

  • Integrating vulnerable and marginalized groups, in support of diversity, equality, equity, inclusion and acceptance;
  • Building on a psychologically safe workplace culture in the maritime sector;
  • Examining and supporting active responses to issues related to sexual assault, harassment and bullying in the maritime sector;
  • Supporting and honouring mariners globally; and
  • Transparency and integrity

Organizations and individuals who would like to join the working group are encouraged to reach out to Ms. Eva Lianne Veldkamp via the button below.

Proposed Activity Items

Review and amend existing IMO model course 1.21 – Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

The work is based on the proposals identified in IMO document MSC105/16/4, submitted to IMO Maritime Safety Committee in 2022 by Dominica, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, InterManager, IIMA, ICHCA International, IFSMA, AMPP. The draft revised IMO Model Course 1.21 on Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, will be provided by the COPE° working group and submitted to HTW for validation in January 2023. The Maritime Safety Committee can adopt the revised IMO Model Course on PSSR in April 2023.

Provide training options

The work of the IMO Model course will be used to develop online training on NEMO° and will be made available free of charge. Amending and expanding existing training will be taken into account.

Harmonize best practices and guidance document

Systemizing and collecting data on best practices, guidance and other resources, to provide reliable and relatable output and support to seafarer’s rights and understanding.

Awareness and response

Building awareness and implementing change in the maritime industry in all areas surrounding psychological and sexual safety in the maritime sector.

Meeting Notes