Drug smuggling in ships: Fostering law enforcement / trade collaboration

There is a pressing need for international law that protects the rights of professional seafarers. Too many innocent seafarers are becoming victims of the activities of organized criminal drug trafficking groups and ill-considered law enforcement responses. The Center for Ocean Policy and Economics (COPE°) has teamed up with The International Organization of Airport and Seaport Police (INTERPORTPOLICE), BIMCO, InterManager, Northeast Maritime Institute, and key players from the maritime and law enforcement communities to consider ways forward.

BIMCO will be hosting a seminar in Houston on 9 January 2024. To register an interest in participating in this seminar, please click on the following link: SEMINAR REGISTRATION.

COPE° recognizes just how important this subject is and the dire need for action, which is why a Working Group has been established to work on future policy development related to this matter. Learn more about the Working Group, titled “Peace and Justice – The Unjust Criminalization of Seafarers,” HERE.