Risks at sea during navigation: Safety vs. security and challenges in the Americas

THURSDAY, 27 JUNE 2024 | 9:00 AM EST

COPE° held a virtual webinar titled “Risks at sea during navigation: Safety vs. security and challenges in the Americas” on 27 June 2024. The topics that were covered are as follows:

  • Peace Through Prosperity: Normalizing peace and security through economic development
  • Main situations affecting safe navigation in the Americas
  • Pirates and terrorist attacks in the red sea: implications beyond Europe
  • Estrategias de Protección Marítima en la región latinoamericana
  • Aspectos técnicos relevantes para mejorar la seguridad marítima en el caribe
  • Buenas prácticas, contratos y optimización de la seguridad marítima


Javier Franco

Director, Logistics and Supply Chain Observatory Universidad Externado / Franco & Abogados / COPE° Fellow

Eric R. Dawicki

President and CEO, Northeast Maritime Institute

Jakob P. Larsen

BIMCO / COPE° Fellow

Kristina Siig

Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law

Lisbeth Laurie

Organization of American States CICTE

Mauricio Ochoa

Maritime Expert

Webinar Recording

Webinar Q&A

Do you think there could be any link between Houthi- and Somali-based piracy, and why do you think piracy is now experiencing a surge?

Kristina Siig:
I will have to underscore that I do not have certain information/primary data on this. However, it seems that the general understanding of this in the scientific community is that it is most likely due to operations such as Operation Prosperity Guardian, which has pulled resources out of the Gulf of Aden, where Somali-based piracy has normally occurred, and further North into the Red Sea.

In this way, the naval presence in the Gulf of Aden has decreased, resulting in a sort of “vacuum” that has been exploited by the pirates. However, whether this is the only reason or whether there is also a new situation on land in Somalia that has allowed for this re-surge, I do not know.

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